Joe Biden’s 800-Pound Gorilla

We’ve been hearing a great deal of noise lately from Democrat politicians about Judge Amy Coney Barret, in whose dark soul they are horrified to find that “the dogma lives loudly…” So intolerable is the threat she poses, they tell us, that in thwarting her nomination to the Supreme Court they are engaged in the most noble and necessary task imaginable. Keeping the nation safe from Roman Catholic bigotry, you see, has become a full-time job.

What they really need to do is to lighten up. Because, quite simply, there are no dogmas requiring her, or anyone else for that matter, to believe in the humanity of the unborn child. Acceptance of that fact is not a dogma of faith, it is a datum of science. Why on earth would anyone need faith to affirm the most obvious truth about life in the womb? Doesn’t everyone already know babies are human? They are certainly not pumpkins or squirrels. Perhaps someone should sit down with these people and parse the difference between a dogma of religion and a datum of reason. It needn’t take a trained specialist in embryology to point out a reality as plain as a potato. Isn’t that, after all, the usual sequence of events that takes place when women become pregnant? That they suddenly discover they’ve become mothers, too, which is why they’ve been equipped with wombs intended to shelter the child until birth? This is not rocket science.

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