Six Signs an Election’s Been Stolen

In 2016 article, the BBC published an article called “Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs.” They used an election in the African nation of Gabon as their test case. See if anything sounds familiar.

  1. Too Many Voters. See Joe Biden in crucial districts in Milwaukee.
  2. High Turnout in Specific Areas. Funny how Joe only outperformed Hillary and Obama in the couple swing state cities in question.
  3. Large Numbers of Invalid Ballots. See Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada.
  4. More Votes Than Ballots Printed. See 200% of registered voters, etc., in certain Milwaukee precincts.
  5. Results That Don’t Match. See Michigan, where sharp-eyed GOP worker got suspicious and discovered a 6,000 vote software “glitch” that had turned Trump votes into Biden votes. See the other “glitches” where exact numbers of Trump votes suddenly turn into Biden votes. See people in Arizona, who voted only to see their vote register as invalid. Or Congresswomen-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene, whose husband showed up to vote only to discover he’d already voted absentee.
  6. Delay in Announcing Results. Florida and Ohio announced their results election night. Democratic run Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan dragged it for days. Not only did they delay, they inexplicably stopped counting Election Night!

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