10 Actions Trump Must Take NOW To Save The Republic And World From Impending Globalist Tyranny

This is the most crucial and detailed article I have ever written since the 23+ years John-Henry Westen and I founded LifeSite. Weeks of exhausting research has been involved. As you read the article you will understand its significance.

I urge you to persevere to the end of this article and to especially urge President Trump to immediately act on as many of the recommended 10 actions as he can.

The article will be much easier to read if printed out, or on a computer screen as opposed to a smartphone. However, the critical several brief videos and numerous supporting links can only be accessed by online viewing.

10 Solutions

– Solution #1 – President Trump should fire his entire COVID advisory group
– Solution #2 – NEW OPERATION WARP SPEED on already available, COVID-effective meds
– Solution #3 – Release strategic stockpile of HCQ
– Solution #4 – Ramp up HCQ production
– Solution #5 – Instructing public on boosting immunity
– Solution #6 – No more ‘2 million deaths prevented,’ no ‘plague’
– Solution #7 – Stop mass testing
– Solution #8 – Remove and investigate Fauci
– Solution #9 – Investigate CDC COVID death numbers
– Solution #10 – Prepare for possible imminent release of much more dangerous COVID-20 or 21 (This one has been addressed here in previous article)

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