NOW is the Time to Fight

The political philosopher Leo Strauss spoke of what he called “the always pressing question … the political question par excellence, of how to reconcile order which is not oppression with freedom which is not license.”

Where do we stand today in America with respect to this great question?

The key to the order of our Constitution being non-oppressive is very simple and very basic government by the consent of the governed. To deny citizens votes is to oppress. That denial can be done straightforwardly, as was done to black Americans for so long under Jim Crow laws. That denial can also be done by nullifying the votes of citizens through all the methods old and new of introducing illegitimate ballots — whether resurrecting the dead to vote as has been done in many a city for many elections, or whether using the opportunities opened up by mail-in voting, software manipulation, and hardware hacking, or whatever new trick fraudsters come up with.

No matter which way, if the voting results don’t reliably record one vote for every citizen, the most fundamental protection we have against oppression is removed. There is no reason why we should place greater emphasis on either voter suppression or illegitimate voting. Both undercut the legitimacy of our government at its foundation.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact your members of Congress using this petition and demand they challenging the 2020 election results.