WATCH: “Minimum of 165,000 Illegal Votes in Arizona”

Patriot Liz Harris is doing yeoman’s work in Arizona exposing voter fraud in Arizona. The following Arizona Republican government officials need to hear from you now.

GovernorDoug Ducey Contact Form602.542.4331
RepresentativeRussell "Rusty" Bowers [email protected]602.926.3128
SenatorHeather Carter [email protected]602.926.5503
SenatorJ.D. Mesnard [email protected]602.926.4481
SenatorKate Brophy McGee [email protected]602.926.4486
SupervisorClint L. Hickman [email protected]602.506.7642
SupervisorJack Sellers [email protected]602.506.1776
SupervisorSteve Chucri [email protected]602.506.7431
SupervisorBill Gates [email protected]602.506.7562