TAKE ACTION: Tell Republican State Legislative Leaders to Act Before January 6

President Trump’s road to victory runs through the state legislatures of seven states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Each of these states have sent two slates of electors to Congress. Republican leaders must now FIGHT to decertify fraudulent Democrat electors before Congress meetings on January 6.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to compose a single email to all lawmakers. You can also send messages individually to lawmakers using the table below.

ArizonaHouseSpeakerRusty Bowers[email protected]
ArizonaHouseMajority LeaderBen Toma[email protected]
ArizonaSenatePresidentKaren Fann[email protected]
ArizonaSenateMajority LeaderRick Gray[email protected]
GeorgiaHouseSpeakerDavid Ralton[email protected]
GeorgiaHouseMajority LeaderJon Burns[email protected]
GeorgiaSenatePresident Pro TemporeButch Miller[email protected]
GeorgiaSenateMajority LeaderMike Dugan[email protected]
MichiganHouseSpeakerJason Wentworth[email protected]
MichiganHouseMajority LeaderBen Frederick[email protected]
MichiganSenateMajority LeaderMike Shirkey[email protected]
MichiganSenatePresident Pro TemporeAric Nesbitt[email protected]
NevadaHouseMinority LeaderRobin Titus[email protected]
NevadaSenateMinority LeaderJames Settelmeyer[email protected]
New MexicoHouseMinority LeaderJames Townsend[email protected]
New MexicoSenateMinority LeaderStuart Ingle[email protected]
PennsylvaniaHouseMajority LeaderKerry Benninghoff[email protected]
PennsylvaniaHouseSpeakerBryan Cutler[email protected]
PennsylvaniaSenatePresident Pro TemporeJake Corman[email protected]
PennsylvaniaSenateMajority LeaderKim Ward[email protected]
WisconsinHouseSpeakerRobin Vos[email protected]
WisconsinHouseMajority LeaderJim Steineke[email protected]
WisconsinSenatePresidentChris Kapenga[email protected]
WisconsinSenateMajority LeaderDevin LeMahieu[email protected]