The Coming American Holy War?

We stand at enormous risk today of “holy war” in America.

Usually those words are used as a figure of speech, or even as a joke. Today I mean neither of these. We’re looking at the grave possibility of the real thing. Not that there’s anything the least bit holy about “holy wars.” The name comes instead from both sides believing they’re fighting morally necessary battles, for values of ultimate, sacred importance. Both sides, I emphasize. We could be on the brink of that such an unholy disaster even now, even in America.

I do not write this as a prediction of holy war, only to describe the conditions that have put us at unacceptably high risk of one.

Be advised that it’s very likely you will react as you read some portions of this. “How could their side have done that to us!? Look at them — it’s all their fault! How could they think they’re so right?! They’re trying to destroy everything this country stands for!” Be assured that people on the other side are saying the same about yours. That’s why this is so fraught with danger.

I’ll try to describe the situation as objectively as I can.

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