Americans Are Being Sold Out by Our Chiefs, as the American Indians Were

Will the Steal succeed? One option after another seems to be vanishing. Can we still legally prevent the Democrats from installing a president elected under the shadow of massive vote fraud? Now it seems our last resort is a vote in Congress to reject the tainted Biden electors and accept electors for Trump.

But our own party leaders, such as Mitch McConnell, are wielding all their power to prevent that. Every major medium, including Fox News and National Review, covers its eyes and plugs its ears. They don’t want to know about the mounting evidence of massive, coordinated cheating. To follow the story, we must seek out new venues. I’m grateful that Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, One America News, and The Epoch Times still exist. That Parler’s still free. (Editor’s note: The Stream is now on Gab and MeWe also.)

Those of us who insist on talking about the Steal are being purged, one by one, from social media. Friends report getting banned for sharing President Trump’s own posts. Courageous citizens like Eric Metaxas are getting their reputations dragged through the muck by comfort-loving conservatives, who value their Pharisaical good names above their country.

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