Computers Voting Instead of People

With the 2020 election results now set to stand, whether it’s a coup or pure laziness, or computer glitches, or diabolical machinations or some combination of these, we now have what I call “a stealth government.” This stands in opposition to a legitimate or authentic government — implying that not only liberty, but our lives are being threatened. This constitutes a re-modelling of government. Under this re-modelling, technocratic systems like Dominion move to center stage, defining through technology what authentic voting is. The computer and not the voter becomes the focus for defining the election. A.I. (artificial intelligence) sets the standard for what a comprehensive and valid approach to election engineering and administration is. Substitute your own initials for A.I., and then demote yourself in the process. You are contributing to outcomes, but you are not the engine for producing those outcomes.

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