WATCH: Biden Supports 8-Year-Olds Being Able to Change Their Gender

  During a Townhall meeting on October 15, Joe Biden was asked about an 8-year-old transgender child. Biden said he supports prepubescent children being able to change their gender. Biden’s position is completely contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Biden cannot claim that he is a faithful Catholic. continue reading   RECOMMENDATION: WATCH … Read more

WATCH: Courageous Priest Speaks The TRUTH About Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

  PLEASE SHARE using one of the social media buttons on the bottom of this page. A must-see homily from Fr. Edward Meeks delivered at Christ the King parish in Towson, MD on 10/11/2020. This is the homily that should be preached from every pulpit in America. PLEASE SHARE using one of the social media … Read more

Intellectually Honest Catholics Will Recognize Biden is Bad on Everything

In a mid-September webinar on “The Church and Catholic Voters in the 2020 Election,” Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey, weighed in on a question often asked these days: Can a Catholic vote for Joe Biden? Cardinal Tobin, long a stalwart of the U.S. Church’s liberal wing, dissented from the reigning consensus. “I think … Read more

Former Vatican Chief Says ‘Future of Democracy’ at Stake in U.S. Elections

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), gave an exclusive interview to Breitbart News in the prelude to U.S. presidential elections, in which he particularly underscored the importance of the abortion issue and China’s aspirations for world dominance. “In this crucial election, it is vital … Read more

Why More and More Catholics are Walking Away from the Democratic Party

More and more Catholic voters are realizing there is something much more sinister behind the Democrats’ refusal to make the least concession to the pro-life cause. They see that abortion is not a single issue but is connected to everything else in the Culture of Death: euthanasia, assisted suicide, homosexuality, transgenderism and even Satanism (which … Read more

LGBTQ+ Leaders Endorse Biden-Harris are the Most Pro-Equality Ticket in US History

LGBTQ+ elected officials and leaders from across the country are proud to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden to become the 46th president of the United States. We believe Biden’s character and experience are not only antidotes to Trump’s recklessness, but will lead us into a brighter and more inclusive future. continue reading

The Biden Platform Runs Contrary to Catholic Doctrine

The Democrats’ 2020 national platform reads like a litany of positions diametrically opposed to Catholic teaching and belief, a prominent Catholic news service warned Wednesday. The Catholic News Agency (CNA) ran a 1,000-word article enumerating seven key policies Joe Biden will be running on in the upcoming presidential election, all of which run counter to … Read more

14 Things Catholics Should Know About Kamala Harris

With the Democratic National Convention in full swing and Joe Biden’s pick for vice president, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., taking the stage tonight along with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, here are 14 facts about Harris’ career, including her time serving as attorney general of California, on issues impacting … Read more

Biden-Harris and the LGBTQ+ Wedge

Biden and Harris have promised to make the enactment of the Equality Act a “top legislative priority” for the first 100 days of his presidency. On top of that, they seek to ensure that government-funded foster-care and adoption agencies no longer “put LGBTQ+ youth in care at risk by failing to place them with safe … Read more

Gender Ideology

Gender ideology is a flawed philosophy treats gender as not merely distinct from sex, but as entirely separable from sex, as though the way sexes are lived in each culture should have no relation to sex and to the ontological difference between the sexes.  Secondly, gender ideology treats gender as “dependent upon the subjective mindset … Read more

Kamala Harris’ Catholic Problem

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the problem Sen. Kamala Harris will have with Catholics: Once Catholic voters learn more about Kamala Harris’ positions on an array of moral issues, Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick will have a hard time winning them over. To begin with, Harris has tainted herself with the brush of … Read more

For Joe Biden, Trans People Are More Equal Than Others

Ignoring concerns about the threats to women’s civil rights, Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, promises to use the Equality Act to promote a long list of transgender rights that will eclipse women’s rights and the rights of people of faith if he is elected. The misnamed Equality Act, approved by the House … Read more

Joe Biden Marries Gay Couple At His House

Vice President Joe Biden married two gay men at his home in Delaware, posting a picture him officiating the wedding of the couple on Twitter. continue reading